A Arte de Carpenters

Catalog number: 396934-2 (Brazil)

Track listing:

1. (They Long To Be) Close To You (single edit) (reversed)
2. This Masquerade (reversed)
3. Please Mr. Postman (reversed)
4. I Won’t Last A Day Without You (1974 single mix, slow) (reversed)
5. I Need To Be In Love (1985 single length mix) (reversed)
6. We’ve Only Just Begun (1985 remix) (reversed)
7. Only Yesterday (single edit) (reversed)
8. There’s A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) (1985 remix) (reversed)
9. Bless The Beasts And Children (1985 remix) (reversed)
10. Yesterday Once More (1985 remix) (reversed)
11. Rainy Days And Mondays (1985 remix) (reversed)
12. Sing (reversed)
13. BEechwood 4-5789
14. Ticket To Ride (1973 version – reversed)
15. Superstar (1985 remix) (reversed)
16. You’re Enough
17. For All We Know (reversed)
18. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
19. Make Believe It’s Your First Time (Single edit)
20. A Song For You (reversed)

The Brazilian licensee for A&M product in Brazil (PolyGram) released a series of albums called “A ARTE DE…” (The Art Of…) and Carpenters had a 2-LP set in the series. In 1987-88, the two-record set was combined onto one CD, and it has some surprises. Since this came before the big 1990-91 remixing sessions, there are a number of 1985 remixes and original mixes here.

As is somewhat “normal” for discs from South America, there are a number of tracks with reversed stereo here, much like that other Brazilian comp, O MELHOR DE CARPENTERS – ONLY YESTERDAY. Still, here there are a few with the proper stereo orientation.

A song that has never been anthologized anywhere else, “You’re Enough”, shows up here, and it’s a mighty welcome addition. As this is a mid-80s disc, it was mastered well before the loudness wars, and in comparison to some later discs, this one requires a boost on your volume control – but it’s worth it – the sound is pretty darn good here, with crisp highs and a solid bass.

For completists, it’s worth seeking out, if you can find one!