Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (reversed stereo)

CarpAnthology89It has come to our attention that there exists a version of “Jambalaya” that has the stereo reversed. While it exists on two compilations from Great Britain, it also appears on the first version of the Japan ANTHOLOGY. The British releases are SINGLES 1974-1978 and the 1984 edition of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE, both the SING1 LP and the rare CD.carpyesterdayUK1984carpsingles7478

We’re attempting to locate anyone who can confirm or deny that this backwards version may have originated on the British single, but so far haven’t found anyone to back that theory up. If you have that original A&M single from the UK, please give it a listen and report here.

Rainy Days & Mondays pays tribute to Carpenters

A Minneapolis/St. Paul area group called Rainy Days & Mondays has been performing their Carpenters tribute around the area.  Musician Boyd Lee and wife Aimee (who sings in Karen Carpenter’s alto range) have assembled a group which stays true to the Carpenters sound, preferring real strings and horns over synthesizers and giving the group its authentic sound.  They are making two Twin Cities appearances later in January.  You can read more about these productions at DL-Online and keep up with their activities on their Facebook page.

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Public Television Exclusive- Carpenters The Complete Singles


TJL Productions, in conjunction with America’s Public Television stations, is releasing an exclusive new Carpenters Singles collection:

CarpCompleteSinglesIn late November and early December, many Public Television stations will be airing an updated rebroadcast of CLOSE TO YOU: REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS. As part of their pledge drive associated with this airing, the stations will offer premiums that include the new, expanded DVD and also a brand new CD compilation featuring all of the A and B-sides to Carpenters’ US singles. This new compilation is exclusive to this Public Television project and will not be available in any retail outlet, so real fans who have been seeking out some of these rare mixes should take advantage of the offer and support their Public Television station.

The 3-CD set has beenissued by TJL Productions, has been compiled by Jim Pierson with assistance and supervision from Richard Carpenter, and has been mastered by the Erick Labson at Universal Mastering.

Our Resource has just obtained this release and we’ve verified and detailed all of the tracks and mixes used. Be sure to listen carefully yourself in case we missed something. Meanwhile, check out the discussion in our Forum and the new album’s page in our discography.

Promotional Advertisements

As with many recording artists, Carpenters’ output was supported with promotional advertisements that were placed in trade magazines like Billboard, Cashbox, etc. These ads generally appeared during the week that the promotional singles and albums were being sent to radio stations as an extra nudge to get programmers to play the new recorded works and then were never seen again, except to those who saved the magazines.

Billboard VOTH Promo Ad Oct 29 1983

A&M Corner member Chris-An Ordinary Fool has been diligently retrieving these from various web archives and we thought they should be seen among the relevant pages of our site. Sometimes the artwork was inspired, and other times not-so-much. But they are all fun to look at. Thanks Chris!


Carpenters enter Universal’s ICON series

Universal has been doing a series of short ‘hits’ discs that present their artists’ best known songs and are given the title ICON. Now it’s Carpenters turn in the ICON series with this 2014 entry. ICONEleven of their best-known songs are presented here and we’ve been discussing it in the A&M Corner’s A SONG FOR YOU forum. Join in the discussion about this latest compilation from our favorite duo.