Carpenters fans awaiting new Royal Philharmonic collaboration

Richard Carpenter conducts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Richard Carpenter and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are melding their talents to create a new album in the Carpenters canon. Richard recorded the orchestra over in Abbey Road studios and has undertaken the task of melding those recordings with the original Carpenters tracks to create an exciting new product. Join our forum discussion as we await this album, expected to be a December release.

Another rare Brazilian compilation surfaces

Back in the mid-80s, a group of A&M “best-of” albums in a series called “A ARTE DE…” came out in Brazil. Carpenters’ entry in the LP series called A ARTE DE CARPENTERS was contained on two records, and when issued on CD, the set was combined onto one compact disc.

There are some surprising versions here, some original mixes, some 1985 remixes, and many with reversed stereo. There’s even a song not anthologized anywhere else, “You’re Enough”.

The Resource has been updated with the mix information, so since this is so hard to find, check out the listings. We’ll also be talking about it in our forums.

Da-Doo-Ron-Ron 8-track Version Verified

Thanks to Forum member A&M Retro, we’ve finally been able to confirm that “Da-Doo-Ron-Ron” had a slightly longer fade-out on the 8-track version. As can be heard here, the song on the 8-track omits the DJ (Tony Peluso) and then fades just a little longer.

Carpenters Vinyl Collection 2017


Universal Music has released a Carpenters Vinyl Collection box. Included are remastered 180 gram versions all of the regular studio albums plus SINGLES 1969-1973. Visit our forum to learn more and see some reviews and reaction.


UPDATE: Universal Music has responded to early reports of defective vinyl. 

We have some excellent news to share with those who were disappointed with the quality of the pressings in the recently released Carpenters LPs.

Customers who received defective LPs, either individually or in the box set, may contact UMe directly for a replacement!  Please have your proof of purchase handy.  Send your proof of purchase to [email protected] with your message.  UMe prefers email, but those who prefer phone contact may call Customer Support at 1-800-288-5942.

We are very pleased that UMe is handling this directly, and want to thank them publicly for the feedback.