Catalog Number: A&M SP-3931; CD 3931; 82839 5282 2
Date of Release: October 31, 1989
Chart Position: U.K.: #73
Album Singles: “Honolulu City Lights”/”I Just Fall In Love Again”
“If I Had You”
“You’re The One”
Medium: Vinyl/Cassette/CD

Track Listing:

1. Lovelines 4:28 (Temperton) (“Carpenters” remix)
2. Where Do I Go From Here? 4:24 (McGee)
3. The Uninvited Guest 4:24 (Kaye/Tweel)
4. If We Try 3:42 (Temperton)
5. When I Fall In Love 3:08 (Heyman/Young)
6. Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night 4:03 (Lawley/Dorn)
7. Remember When Lovin’ Took All Night 3:47 (Farrar/Leikin)
8. You’re The One 4:13 (Ferguson)
9. Honolulu City Lights 3:19 (Beamer)
10. Slow Dance 3:35 (Margo)
11. If I Had You 3:57 (Dorff /Harju/Herbstritt) (“Carpenters” remix)
12. Little Girl Blue 3:24 (Rodgers/Hart)

Album Credits:

Produced by Richard Carpenter, except #1, 4, 7 and 11: Produced by Phil Ramone
Tracks #1, 4, 7 & 11:
Recorded at A&R Recording Studios, New York, New York; A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood California; and Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California
Engineered by: Jim Boyer, Glenn Berger, James Gutherie and Ray Gerhardt
Assistants: Bradshaw Leigh, Chaz Clifton, Dave Iveland, Ralph Osborne, Randy Pipes and David Crowther
Selections #4 & 6 remixed by Phil Ramone & Jim Boyer in M.E.S.M.
Selections #1 & 11 remixed by Robert De La Garza; Assistant: Greg Goldman
Tracks #2, 5, 8 & 12:
Recorded and mixed at A&M Recording Studios
Engineered by: Ray Gerhardt and Roger Young; Assistant: Dave Iveland
Mixing engineer: Robert De La Garza; Assistant: Greg Goldman
Tracks #3, 6, 9 & 10:
Recorded and mixed at A&M Recording Studios
Tracks 3 & 6 engineered by Roger Young; Assistants: Dave Iveland and Robert De La Garza
Tracks 9 & 10 engineered by Roger Young; Mixing engineer: Robert De La Garza; Assistant: Greg Goldman
Mastered by Mike Reese at A&M Mastering Studios
Art direction: Chuck Beeson; Design: Peter Grant; Photography: Norman Seeff (front cover), Ed Caraeff (back cover)
Special “thanks”: Greg Goldman, Roger Young, Robert De La Garza, Ray Gerhardt, Ron Gorow, Peter Knight, Karen Ichiuji, Roberta Kleine, Nancy Sorkow, David Alley and Billy Jones / Ardel Travel

Karen A. Carpenter Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 1368
Downey, CA 90240


After Richard experimented with his own album, TIME, and produced a few others for vocalists Akiko Kobayashi, Scott Grimes, and Veronique Beliveau, he once again turned to some leftover Carpenters tracks to compile “one last album.” The result was LOVELINES, which combined some tracks from Karen’s solo album with some other finished and unfinished tracks, and it all surprisingly hangs together as a pretty decent album in its own right.

Richard remixed a couple of Karen’s solo efforts to give them a more “Carpenters” feel, with pretty good success. On the song “Lovelines” he brought Karen’s voice more forward in the mix and shortened the song a bit. On “If I Had You”, Richard added a more dramatic cold ending to the record. Of course in 1989, no one had yet heard the solo album tracks, so chronologically these actually seemed like they were the original mixes.

For the Remastered Classic version of LOVELINES, Richard also removed a little repetitive thumping noise in “Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night” that was present in the instrumental guitar break at 2:46.

Original hype sticker for both LPs and CDs of this album:

Recreation of original promotional ad for this album:

Billboard Lovelines Ad Recreation