Catalog number: SP 5117 (LP), CD 5117/DX 1687 (CD)

Track listing:

1. Say Yeah!
2. Who Do You Love?
3. Something In Your Eyes
4. When Time Was All We Had
5. Time
6. Calling Your Name Again
7. In Love Alone
8. Remind Me to Tell You
9. That’s What I Believe
10. I’m Still Not Over You


Richard’s attempt at going solo following Karen’s passing resulted in this album, TIME. Started in 1985, the album didn’t get to market until 1987 as real-life adventures kept Richard occupied for a lot of the time.  It contains a number of Richard-vocal tracks, three guest-vocal appearances by Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick and Scott Grimes, with a flugelhorn solo by Herb Alpert on “When Time Was All We Had.”  The song “Something In Your Eyes” got a little bit of radio play, but overall the album was not a success and quickly went out of print.