“B’wana She No Home” gets a detailed discussion

The subject of the recording of “B’wana She No Home” has received a lot of discussion lately on the forum. Is it mono? Is it stereo? If stereo, why so narrow? Why so muddy?

Which also brought up the topic of the vinyl versions on the single and the PASSAGE album. Some fascinating theories, audio examples, and discussions on this one track can be found in our Forum. Join in with your views.

Discussion of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE (84) leads to addition to Resource

A recent discussion of the forum of the 2-LP compilation YESTERDAY ONCE MORE issued as a TV direct response advertisement has led to its inclusion in the Resource. Normally, early compilations in other territories have been omitted as they pretty much always contain the standard album or single mixes up to the time that they were issued. But this YESTERDAY ONCE MORE compilation in 1984 kind of started the ball rolling for Carpenters compilations and set the stage for the 1985 compilation that began the remix bandwagon. As such, we felt it was a natural for inclusion here.

Join us in our discussion or examine the compilation in our Resource.

Carpenters Christmas Memories

MY MUSIC PRESENTS has once again given Carpenters fans quite a treat for the Christmas season. An additional half-hour program has been added to the prior CLOSE TO YOU: REMEMBERING THE CARPENTERS focusing on the duo’s Christmas recordings and TV specials. carpenters-christmas-memories-dvd-212x300As a premium to raise funds for Public TV, another DVD is being offered this year. Titled CARPENTERS CHRISTMAS MEMORIES and longer than the TV program, it’s sure to be an annual favorite by fans who have been clamoring for Christmas videos for a long time. So keep an eye out for your local Public Broadcasting TV station’s schedule this holiday season.