Treasures (JP)

Catalog number for the 1996 reissue: POCM-1538/9 (Japan only)

Track listing:

Disc One
1. Your Wonderful Parade
2. All Of My Life (1987 remix)
3. Eve (1987 remix)
4. Baby It’s You (1987 remix)
5. Reason To Believe (1987 remix)
6. Love Is Surrender (1987 remix)
7. Maybe It’s You (1987 remix)
8. Saturday
9. Let Me Be The One
10. A Song For You (1985 remix)
11. Flat Baroque
12. Piano Picker (1987 remix)
13. Crystal Lullaby (1987 remix)
14. Bless The Beasts And Children (1985 remix)
15. This Masquerade
16. I Can’t Make Music (1987 remix)
17. I Can Dream, Can’t I?

Disc Two
1. Happy
2. Sandy
3. One More Time
4. Two Sides
5. I Just Fall In Love Again
6. When It’s Gone (It’s Just Gone)
7. When You’ve Got What It Takes
8. Because We Are In Love (The Wedding Song)
9. Now
10. Slow Dance
11. Look To Your Dreams


TREASURES is a Japanese compilation from around 1987. It’s idea was to present a compilation of Carpenters songs that were not hits, but rather favored album tracks. As such, it’s a tremendous treat for fans, who get to hear the less frequently anthologized songs in an organized fashion. As a further treat, Richard remixed a number of the early tracks (most of Disc One), so some of those mixes make their only appearance on CD here.