Top Of The World (original and karaoke masters)

Catalog number: POCM-1529 (Japan)

Track Listing:

1. Top Of The World (single mix – 1991 remix)
2. Top Of The World (karaoke mix)
3. I Need To Be In Love (1990 remix)
4. I Need To Be In Love (karaoke mix)
5. Yesterday Once More (1991 remix)
6. Yesterday Once More (karaoke mix)
7. (They Long To Be) Close To You (1991 remix)
8. (They Long To Be) Close To You (karaoke mix)


An odd 1996 compilation, essentially an EP, released in connection with “Top Of The World” being used as the opening theme song to the Japanese TV drama ‘Miseinen’. The short disc contains original versions (1991 remixes) of four songs, each one followed by its karaoke mix.

All of these tracks were found on the old BEST OF BEST ORIGINAL MASTER KARAOKE album.