The Singles: 1969-1981 (SACD)

Catalog number: B0002996-36

1. Yesterday Once More (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
2. We’ve Only Just Begun (1985 remix)/(2004 surround mix)
3. Superstar (2004 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
4. Rainy Days And Mondays (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
5. Goodbye To Love (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
6. I Believe You (standard album mix)/(2004 surround remix)
7. It’s Going To Take Some Time (1989 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
8. This Masquerade (1990 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
9. Ticket To Ride (1973 version)(2004 surround remix)
10. Top Of The World (2004 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
11. Only Yesterday (1991 remix, single edit)/(2004 surround remix)
12. Hurting Each Other (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
13. Please Mr. Postman (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
14. Merry Christmas Darling (1978 album version)/(2004 surround remix)
15. Sing (1994 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
16. Bless The Beasts And Children (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
17. I Won’t Last A Day Without You (1991 remix, single version,slow)/(2004 surround remix)
18. Touch Me When We’re Dancing (standard album mix)/(2004 surround remix)
19. For All We Know (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
20. (They Long To Be) Close To You (1991 remix)/(2004 surround remix)
21. Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (1989 remix)/(2004 surround remix)


This is perhaps the most special compilation of all – 21 tracks, 21 new surround sound remixes. For this 2004 release, Richard went into Capitol Studios with Al Schmitt, with assistance by Steve Genewick and Bill Smith, to create 5.1 channel surround sound mixes of 21 Carpenters favorites.

There are three “layers” on this SACD hybrid: a CD-audio redbook stereo layer that will play in any CD player, and two special SACD layers that require an SACD-capable player. One of the two special layers is SACD-stereo, a standard 2-channel layer that plays the same mixes found on the redbook layer in high resolution. The other SACD-surround special layer contains the full 5.1-channel mix created specially for this album, again requiring an SACD player to access. Richard also updated two songs with new mixes on the stereo layers, “Superstar” and “Top Of The World”, so anyone can hear at least some of the new remixing.

One curious fact about the album is that it used the stylings, artwork and title of the 2000 compilation, SINGLES 1969-1981, which is a bit confusing. The track listing is different, so it seems that a more original  title should have been used to avoid confusion. The disc has been universally praised by audiophiles as one of the best examples of surround music they’ve encountered.