Dutch Singles Collection added to the database

Just crossing our desk is a 2001 compilation from the Netherlands called YESTERDAY ONCE MORE – DE NEDERLANDSE SINGLES COLLECTIE. It’s a close cousin to the 20-track UK GOLD, issued around the same time and sharing 19 of the 20 tracks and mixes. Its only difference is the inclusion of “Sweet, Sweet Smile” in place of “Calling Occupants” and a slight reshuffle of the track listing.

CarpYOMNLScans of the cover on computers tend to blacken out the mirrored silver-foil Carpenters logo. It’s actually much more attractive than the scan indicates.

Previously mentioned in passing as part of the GOLD (UK) listing, we can now confirm the mixes and add the title to our database. Check it out – it’s listed as YESTERDAY ONCE MORE (NL).

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