Flat Baroque single mix

In a roundabout way, we’ve once again been made aware of something that had slipped by us before, and that’s that there exists a dedicated single mix of the song “Flat Baroque”. 1351-B Flat Baroque 45Member Rick-An Ordinary Fool tried to tell us about it way back in 2003 – and it was reinforced by member A&M Retro, yet it went largely unnoticed for all these years.

The single mix is apparently only found on the b-side of the 45 of “It’s Going To Take Some Time“, and does not appear to be on THE COMPLETE SINGLES that Public Television sponsored and released.

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Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (reversed stereo)

CarpAnthology89It has come to our attention that there exists a version of “Jambalaya” that has the stereo reversed. While it exists on two compilations from Great Britain, it also appears on the first version of the Japan ANTHOLOGY. The British releases are SINGLES 1974-1978 and the 1984 edition of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE, both the SING1 LP and the rare CD.carpyesterdayUK1984carpsingles7478

We’ve located someone in the UK (thanks, Nick!) who had a copy of the “Jambalaya” single and we’ve been able to confirm that the single has the same stereo orientation as the NOW & THEN album version.

That means that for our purposes, we can point to the SINGLES 1974-1978 compilation as being the origination point for the backwards stereo version.

Rainy Days & Mondays pays tribute to Carpenters

A Minneapolis/St. Paul area group called Rainy Days & Mondays has been performing their Carpenters tribute around the area.  Musician Boyd Lee and wife Aimee (who sings in Karen Carpenter’s alto range) have assembled a group which stays true to the Carpenters sound, preferring real strings and horns over synthesizers and giving the group its authentic sound.  They are making two Twin Cities appearances later in January.  You can read more about these productions at DL-Online and keep up with their activities on their Facebook page.

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